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9 Bridges is dedicated to supporting writers in all stages of their journey in the pursuit of their craft. In addition to providing peer review and support in the form of critique groups, 9 Bridges offers writers access to a wide community through workshops, events, online forums and the promotion of events that are of interest and benefit to our members. 9 Bridges is dedicated to flexibility – through community connections we can quickly adapt to fill a writer’s needs, whether they are just starting out or have published a dozen best sellers.

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Short, short tales from 50 experienced storytellers and hot new talent bring readers to Paleolithic caves and far-flung planets, seducing them with magic, mythology, and dreams while wryly acknowledging the reality that sometimes sex requires stretching. Alongside old favorites like temperature play and strap-ons, have you considered the erotic potential of shaving or a handful of coins?

Expand your erotic imagination with these smart, memorable stories. No need to “skip to the good parts” in this flash collection: every moment will caress the senses and linger in the mind, while being short enough to read over a cup of coffee or during a bus ride.

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