Kalinda Little

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, she was surrounded not only by the lush forests, mountain rivers and rocky coastline but also by a community of artists and creators that had settled out of, and come to rest from, hippydom and the surrounding music and craft festivals.

She attended Oregon Country Fair every year, volunteered with the Eugene Saturday Market and traveled throughout the Willamette Valley every summer.

Kalinda attended Southern Oregon University from 2007 through 2011 volunteering with the theater department and taking perhaps more than the standard number of eclectic classes. She graduated with a BS in Computer Science and a minor in fine art.

Moving to Portland in 2012 kicked off her coding career. She worked with several companies as a back end developer and LAMP stack developer, specializing in PHP and Data integration.

At the same time she joined the 9-Bridges writers community, becoming a chapter leader after 6 months, and going on to host weekly critique meetings in the years since.

She learned the art of sound design, produced several Creative Common’s audiobooks and moved into the professional market. She has voiced and produced over 50 audiobooks including romance, mystery, children’s books, fantasy and sci-fi.

In the words of the ancient martial arts masters – one must perform an act 10,000 times in order to know it. Kalinda is well on her way.